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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simply Delicious Spread of Porridge Dishes

How lucky we are to have so, so many varieties of food each day to choose and yet, I always hear comments such as "Don't know what to cook for the family" usually at the wet markets when the home makers are scouting around for ingredients.  Anyway, my family are lucky to have my Ma who does the planning and we do the marketing and also there are 'contingency plans' too, just in case some ingredients are unavailable.
See the spread of home cooked porridge dishes my Ma prepares for us all these years. It may be inexpensive and simple but it definitely solves the above problem.  If it interest you, below is a summary of the dishes.  For the recipes, please see the earlier postings.  Thank You, Ma.

Stir Fry Sambal Eggplant
Plain Porridge
Fried Fish [ Tuar Seh ]
Stir Fry Spicy Beansprouts With Egg
Fried Omelette With Minced Meat
Fried Omelette With Preserved Radish [Chai Por]
Braised Mui Choy With Pork Belly
Stir Fry Sambal Long Beans [Snake Beans]
Stir Fry Spicy Stingray With Preserved Mustard [Kiam Chye]
Stir Fry Cockles With Tau cheong
Braised Pork Belly With Eggs And Beancurd
Fried Soft Beancurd With Tau Cheong
Fried Sambal Ikan Cencaru
Fried Egg Omelette With 'Hneah'
Fried Egg Omelette With Long Beans
Stir Fry 'Teochew' Beancurd

Stir Fry Spinach With Fish Sauce

Stir Fry Sambal French Beans
Stir Fry Clams [Lala]

Stir Fry Beansprouts With Beancurd
Stir Fry Sambal Mixed Beans
Fried Tamarind Prawns [Assam Prawns]
Fried Chilli Anchovies With Peanuts
Stir Fry Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves
Fried Omelette With Bombay Onions

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