Saturday, March 26, 2011

Home Again

Huh, what a relief my MIL has recovered 3 weeks ago and now mobile again. Able to be back to our home after caring for my MIL since eve of New Year 2011 and myself suffering from stiff neck and tension. Just recovered today and a long story behind. Now my interest is back to blogging and to try out new recipes to be shared with my hubby [undergone angioplasty a month ago]. So must watch out for healthier recipes.
Very happy now to be back to my own kitchen.
Today, make bak chang [rice dumplings] and mi koo [red buns] as the family is going  Chinese All Souls Day [Cheng Beng] tomorrow. Planned to prepare more things for praying but no stamina since just recovered. Better relax and take it easy. Bak Chang and mi koo recipe are worth trying. Interested can comment through email.