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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family Style Stir Fry Spring Roll Filling [Popiah Cai]

There are many versions of spring roll fillings.  The recipe here is our family style spring roll filling aka popiah fillings [in Hokkien dailect is called 'popiah cai'] which can be eaten as a stir fry vegetable, spring roll or even just with lettuce leaves with some sambal belacan.  Usually this dish is prepared as an ancestral praying item or during Chinese New Year.  Anyway, so long as there is an urge to savour this dish, it can be prepared anytime [if hardworking enough to cut up the vegetables], just like on last Sunday.
A Plate of Fried 'Popiah'  Fillings
My Ma prepared this dish together with Meat Rolls 'Lor Bak', Pork Belly Curry With Cabbage and Tofu Puff and Sesame Oil Ginger Chicken Soup.  As the family did not eat out for Father's Day celebration, these dishes were prepared sort of for family gathering.  I will post the recipes for all these dishes, hopefully at the same time.  Best part is, it does not cost much to prepare these delicious food.  It's less than Ringgit 70.00 for a group of 15.
A pot of the Fillings from the Quantity of Ingredients Stated

1 kg sengkuang [yam bean] - shredded finely
150 gm round cabbage - shredded finely
2  red carrot - shredded finely
100 gm french beans - sliced finely
1-2 stalks leeks - sliced finely
2 pieces firm beancurd [taukwa] - cut thin strips
150 gm minced meat
100 gm crab meat
2 tbsp chopped garlic
100 ml oil
salt and chicken stock granules to taste
Basic Ingredients For Spring Roll Fillings

  1. Heat oil in wok or non stick pan to pan fry beancurd strips till firm and golden.  Dish out.
  2. Using remaining oil, saute garlic till fragrant and add in minced meat.  Fry till meat turns white, add in sengkuang, carrot and cabbage.  Continue to fry till vegetables are limp and cooked.
  3. Add in fried beancurd, crab meat, leeks and french beans.  Add seasoning to taste.  Stir to mix all ingredients well and vegetables are cooked [can add a little more oil if preferred]. 
  4. Dish out to serve as spring roll fillings with popiah skin or lettuce leaves or as a stir fry vegetables. 


Lynn said...

hi Kimmy,

Happy Chinese New year to you and family:)

I would like to make popiah for gathering this Sunday.
I like check with you, which are the vegetables that I can prepare 1 day ahead to be cooked on Sunday morning?

sengkuang [yam bean]
round cabbage
red carrot
french beans


Kimmy said...

Thanks Lynn, my CNY greetings to you, too. All the vegetables that are stated above can be washed and shredded a day ahead and kept in the fridge. You can store the yambean, cabbage and carrot together in a zip log bag and leeks and French beans in another bag. All other ingredients can also be prepared and kept in the fridge. You just need to cook them according to the steps stated. Happy Cooking, you are very hardworking.

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