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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fried Fish in Turmeric and Vinegar Sauce [Acar Fish]

Acar Fish tastes somewhat sweet and sour because of the sugar and vinegar.  The flavour is further enhanced by the use of turmeric powder and other ingredients. This dish taste better several hours after cooking or the next day. There are many ways of cooking this fish according to own preference.  Here's my Ma's method and we love it this way, perhaps it is because we are used to it.  It may not be the best but you can try it, to decide if it suits your taste-bud.
Acar Fish Slices
900 gm fish slices - season with a little salt [the fish here is senangin fish]
3 tbsp shredded ginger
3 tbsp garlic slices
3 stalks lemongrass - sliced finely
1 red chilli - cut shreds
1 green chilli - cut shreds
3-4 tbsp oil 
1 tbsp turmeric powder
2-3 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
3 tbsp vinegar
100 ml water
Cut ingredients - garlic, red chilli, ginger,lemongrass,
green chilli and fresh turmeric [optional]

Fry ginger, garlic and lemongrass till fragrant and golden brown. 
Add in turmeric powder, vinegar and sugar

Add fried fish slices to sauce
A plate of Acar Fish
  1. Heat oil in wok to fry fish slices in batches till cooked and golden brown.  Dish out.
  2. Using the remaining oil, saute ginger, garlic and lemongrass till fragrant and golden brown.  Push aside, off fire.
  3. Add in turmeric powder, sugar, salt and vinegar.  Turn to low heat, stir to mix seasoning sauce and add in water.  Bring to a boil.  Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary.  Add in cut chillies, fish slices and stir fry all ingredients together.  Dish on a flat dish so that the fish slices are soak in sauce.

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