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Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm Back

Good to be back after the break with eye problem. Hope my blog readers will take good care of your eyes. It is very important.

Some people asked why I post such simple recipes like fried fish, omelette, tofu and stir fry vegetables in my blog. No doubt, there are many wonderful, creative and experienced cooks everywhere but there are also many people especially the young ladies who would love to prepare some simple, fuss free dishes for their families but just do not know where and how to begin. There are some who think that eating out is more economical than cooking at home for small families. This is not so anymore all over the world with global food prices escalating.

At the moment, my intention is simply to make a record and to share these home-cooked food recipes which my Ma has been and is still preparing for her family [children, grandchildren and relatives] at the age of 80. For how long she can continue her duty that she loves to do, nobody knows. But if she knows that in future her younger generations can still continue to prepare the food she is cooking for us now, it is definitely great consolation. She is so happy, when I told her that she has an audience daily for her recipes all over the world.

The food she prepares may be simple, easy and inexpensive but it is a tremendous effort and of course it tastes simply delicious because she cooks with love, care and concern for her loved ones who are either at work or in school.

One thing for sure, there is always a table with food ready to be eaten when her children and grandchildren are back home either for lunch or dinner. Sometimes, there are desserts, 'tong sui' and fruits too.

Thank You Ma.

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