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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fried Soft Beancurd [Tofu] With Preserved Soya Bean

Basic ingredients for this dish

Pan fry tofu slices

A simple dish to be served with porridge or rice

One more porridge dish which my Ma cooked for today's lunch. Looks appetising isn't it? With global food prices going up, more families should consider adding this dish in their meals because it is really a saver and healthy too. This dish costs less than Ringgit 2.00 because the other accompaniments are usually available in the home fridge. The 2 pieces of tofu is Ringgit 1.00.


2 pieces of tofu [soft beancurd] - cut into 4 pieces/piece

1 - 2 tbsp minced meat
1 1/2 tbsp tau cheong [preserved soy bean]
1-2 stalks of spring onions or celery - cut into 1 1/2" length
1 red chilli - cut
1/2 tbsp chopped garlic
sugar to taste
50 ml water

  1. Put together all the ingredients in plate - meat, greens, chilli, garlic and tau cheong.
  2. Heat wok with oil to pan fry tofu pieces until slightly firm and brown on both sides. Dish out onto serving plate.
  3. Remove excess oil. Leave 1 tbsp to saute garlic, add minced meat and fry till cooked. Add in tau cheong, chilli and sugar. Fry and add in water. Bring it to a boil and add in greens.
  4. Stir and dish out onto the fried tofu.

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