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Friday, July 1, 2011

Sweet Potato, Aloe Vera Dessert

This is the first time I tried cooking with fresh aloe vera.  Heard it can be used to cook tasty pork rib soup.  Maybe will give it a try next time when I can get fresh aloe vera again. My friend told me she cooked sweet dessert with aloe vera, lotus seeds, white fungus and rock sugar. Here, I added dried longan and not too bad a dessert especially during this hot weather season and it can be served hot or cold according to own preference.

[serves 8]
- 20 gm white fungus - soak for 1 hour, remove the hard yellow portion and break into small pieces
- 50 gm lotus seeds - wash with hot water. Drain, cool and remove the centre stem. Boil in a pot of hot water.  Simmer till soft.
- 300 gm orange colour sweet potato - skinned, cut diamond shape.  Steamed for 20 minutes till soft.
- 50 gm dried longan - wash and drain
-1-2 stalks fresh aloe vera - scrape off the green skin and cut into cubes.  Put in colander and wash under running water till aloe vera is not slimy. Drain.
- Agar-agar strips - soak, drain and cut into 2 inch length strips
- 150 gm rock sugar or sugar to taste
- 2  litres water
- 3 screwpine [pandan] leaves - knotted
  1. Boil water with screwpine leaves and white fungus in pot till almost soft.  Add in dried longan and aloe vera.  Continue boiling till aloe vera pieces are translucent.
  2. Add in rock sugar to taste. 
  3. To serve, scoop dessert into bowl, add in steamed sweet potatoes and agar-agar strips.  Serve hot or warm or cold by adding ice cubes.
  • Can cool dessert, add in all the sweet potatoes and agar-agar strips and keep in refrigerator to cool before serving.
Edible Aloe Vera Plant
The 'clear' cubes are aloe vera
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