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Friday, July 15, 2011

Mid-Year Kuih Ee [Tang Yuan]

Bowl of Tang Yuan

Kuih Ee [Tang Yuan]
Most people will prepare the glutinous rice balls 'kuih ee' on winter solstice day but for my family, we will also prepare the 'kuih ee' for prayers in 15th day of the 6th moon of chinese lunar calender.  I do not know why some families will follow and others do not. 

Since it is a tradition, we just follow and enjoy the 'kuih ee' [colourful glutinous rice balls in ginger flavoured sweet syrup water].  My Ma used 500gm glutinous rice flour for this recipe but any quantity is alright.  It depends on how much we can eat and how many colours you wish to make.  Some people will just make white and pink.  Here we have 4 colours [white, pink, yellow and green].  I think this is mainly to attract the young kids to eat this dessert.

500 gm glutinous rice flour
150 ml sweet syrup water
300 ml or enough water to knead flour into a smooth and soft dough
colouring - pink, yellow and green

Four Colours of  Dough
 Coloured Glutinous Rice Balls Ready for Cooking

Sweet Syrup Water

1.8 litres water
300 gm sugar
3 screwpine leaves [pandan leaves] wash and knotted
2 inch piece ginger - lightly smashed
Sweet Ginger Flavoured Syrup Water
Cooked Tang Yuan floats to the top
  1. Boil water with screwpine leaves and ginger till fragrant and aromatic.  Add in sugar to boil till dissolve for 5 - 10 minutes.  Off fire to cool.
  2. Put glutinous rice flour in a big bowl add 150 ml sweet syrup water.  Mix as you add then gradually add in water and knead into a smooth and soft dough [not sticky].  Keep kneading until dough does not stick to hand.  Can use a mixer with dough hook to do the kneading.
  3. Divide dough into 4 portions [200 gm - white, 150 gm - pink, 75 gm - green, 75 gm - yellow].  Break each dough into smaller bits and roll into smooth balls.  Place on a tray lined with non parchment paper or cling film.  
  4. Boil enough water in a wok till boiling on medium high heat.  When water boils, add in rice balls in batches to cook.  When rice balls floats to surface it is cooked.  Remove using a slotted spoon into another big basin of water.  Then scoop up again, drain water and add to sweet syrup water. In this way the sweet syrup water will remain clear].
  5. Dessert is ready.  Enjoy.

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