Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Phor Thor Festival 2012 [Hungry Ghost Festival]

Again this month long festival [7th moon of the lunar calendar] is in full activity among the Taoist community in Penang with lots of food offerings, stage performances old and new [opera shows and singing performances] along the streets and open spaces.  People gather among their own community area to jointly celebrate the occasion for religious reasons, cultural traditions and also a time to catch up with friends in a joyous mood.
Today, however is again another day which brings back the memories of last year this day and the years and years ago when we do had this celebration at home with my parents, family members and relatives.  But this year, again is the first time that my Pa is no more around to take charge of things.  He was the lifetime committee chairman for the local community.  I still remember, I chose to stay home with him when all others were out to celebrate the ocassion at the makeshift temple last year.  This year the house will be quiet without him recalling all the stories about the Hungry Ghost Festivals and then the family will gather for sumptuous steamboat dinner and other delicacies.   We miss him so much on such occasions and the first year is most difficult for us.
Here are some photos on this festival at Weld Quay in Georgetown, Penang Heritage Zone with almost a century old history.
Temporary makeshift temple
Paper effigy of King of Hades
 Mores photos of the food offerings and celebration coming.

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