Thursday, September 6, 2012

Classic Chiffon Cheesecake

 In the course of cooking and baking, it's not always smooth sailing, successful and satisfactory but most important of all is we tried for curiosity sake.  Here is my attempt to bake a Classic Chiffon Cheesecake [adapted from batter baker] cos' the ingredients are just a few and in small quantity.  I used a 7" round loose bottom tin.  I have taken some photos in the course of baking this cake specially to share my experiment with Phong Hong.  

Honestly, all looks well but I'm not all satisfied with the result. The cake is light but not that cottony [cos' it is not Japanese Cotton Cheesecake recipe].  I made some mistakes when I invert the cake to cool cos' the base was quite moist.  That's why my cake surface went missing.    I must try again with Japanese Cotton Cheesecake recipe even though I'm not a fan of cheesecakes.

[adapted from batter baker]
140 gm cream cheese
40 ml milk
70 gm sugar
2 eggs - separated
30 gm cornflour
1 tsp vanilla essence 
  • Combine cheese and milk over a double-boiler.  Set aside.
  • Whisk egg whites and sugar until stiff peaks.
  • In a separate bowl, whisk egg yolks and vanilla until creamy.  Add in cheese mixture and cornflour.  Whisk to blend well.
  • Fold in 1/3 egg whites to cheese mixture until well combined.  Add to the rest of egg white.  Fold until well incorporated.
  • Bake in water bath at 160 degrees C for about 50 minutes.
  • Finally allow cake to cool in oven with door ajar for about 30 minutes before slicing.  

I inverted the cake because the cake base was quite moist.  Chill in fridge for 2-3 hours before slicing.    [I think must chill in the fridge for 3-4 hours before removing from baking tin and slicing]



PH said...

Kimmy! You did it! Yours looks more like the real thing. So much better than mine. Sonia says don't line the pan. I will be trying again soon. Thanks for your support!

Kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, me too will be trying others. Perhaps should try with biscuit or sponge base [then no need to line the pan lah]. Oh, should chill the cake instead of inverting it.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking at chiffon cheesecake recipes, some say to have egg whites at soft peaks, some like yours say stiff peaks. What difference will the cake be with soft or stiff peaks?

Kimmy said...

Hi Anonymous, soft to stiff peaks is best for easier mixing with the yolk mixture. If you can combine the egg white and egg yolk mixture well, there isn't much difference. With stiff peaks, sometimes you may see some white patches in the cake if the mixing is not well done.