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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Spicy Sardine Vege Salad

Today is Father's Day and it reminds me of the many dishes my father liked.  This sardine salad was one of his favourites.  I had prepared this dish on this day just to remember the times when he would request for it especially when my mum isn't cooking any fish dish for dinner.

A tasty salad which is not difficult to prepare.  Add more small hot chillies if you prefer it to be spicier.


1 can [250 gm] sardine in tomato sauce - bones removed
1 tbsp tomato sauce
salt, sugar and pepper to taste
100 gm fresh letttuce leaves - cut shreds
50 gm fresh mint leaves
1 big onion
1-2 red small chilli [cili padi] or 1 red chilli - cut small pieces
Juice of 3 calamasi limes
  1. Heat up sardines and add seasoning to taste.  Set aside to cool.
  2. Put cut vegetables in a colander to drain off water.
  3. Mix together lettuce leaves, mint leaves, onion and chilli in a big bowl.
  4. Add in cooled sardine mixture and lime juice.
  5. Toss well and serve immediately or refrigerate until serving time.

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