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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stir Fry Sambal Mixed Beans With Petai

I should say frying vegetables must be one of  the easier task in cooking as there are so many variations and you can mix and match different vegetables together.  It depends on your creativity and power to venture.  It can be spicy or not spicy, dry or with a little gravy.  Really all depends on your own liking and the best part is, it is your very own creation.  No one can say whether you are right or wrong so long as it has the taste and flavour.

Here is another variation of stir fry sambal vegetables.   This time, my Ma used french beans, ladies fingers and petai [stinky beans].

100 gm ladies fingers - clean and sliced
100 gm french beans - clean and break into half
100 gm petai
1/2 carrot - sliced
2 tbsp oil
salt and Ajinomoto to taste
Sambal Paste - Refer picture or earlier posting on Stir Fry Sambal Vegetables

Sambal Paste Ingredients - to pound
Pounded Sambal Paste

Add a little water to cook vegetables then add petai
  1. Heat oil in wok, saute sambal paste until fragrant and aromatic.  Add in all the cut vegetables, except the petai beans.  Stir to combine well the ingredients.  Add some water and cook till beans are soft and add in salt to taste.
  2. Add petai and cooked for a minute.  Dish out on plate to serve with white rice.

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