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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My 2011 Mooncakes

These are all the mooncakes [Figurine Mooncakes and Snow Skin Mooncakes] which I have made for my family, friends and relatives for this year's mid-autumn festival.  There are so many, many varieties of fillings and combinations that you can create.  It is never ending.  So this year, I will have to settle with only these varieties [please refer my earlier postings for the recipes if you would like to try making them].  Most of the time, I will make those flavours which are 'on demand' otherwise there maybe leftovers which I would not want.    
Wishing all readers of this blog  

Just received feedbacks from all who have tasted the above mooncakes.  Very happy and satisfying.  They loved the various combination of fillings for Ping Pei mooncakes and the figurine mooncakes are not oily and also not too sweet.   Most important is they know the date of production. Ha! Ha!

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