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Monday, September 12, 2011

Problem Downloading Pictures for My Recipes

I have a few recipes for buns, chicken and vegetables to share with my readers but I have problems downloading the pictures.

I am in the midst of trying and will post these recipes as soon as my problem is solved.  Sorry.

Meanwhile, I will be happy if readers will look into my earlier postings.  You may find some of interest to try. 

In two weeks time, my family will be on a strict vegetarian diet for 9 days in conjunction with the Nine Emperor Gods Festival [Kew Ong Yeah Festival].  It is one of the grand festivals in Penang.   If you love vegetarian food, do visit this blog for some home cooked vegetarian dishes that I will be happy to share with all.

After this festival, I will be travelling with my hubby to Taiwan for 2 weeks [food and travel adventure].  Hopefully, when I come back, I can share information on Taiwan food and travel with all my readers who may be interested to visit this island on your own.  For other information, feel free to also visit the website [my hubby's homepage - 'sam it out' limkahwan] for more travel information.

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