Sunday, September 4, 2011

Assorted Mooncake Fillings - 2011

Every year, I will use assorted fillings for a set of 4 pieces Ping Pei Mooncakes so that my family, friends and relatives can enjoy a piece of mooncake with different flavours and of course of different colour texture.  In this way, we can enjoy yet do not have to overeat these sweet delicacies.
This year I am using the following fillings for my Ping Pei Mooncakes.  Some are store bought while some are home prepared.  I mix and match the various types into one filling.  Here are the various varieties and the recipes.
1.  Salty White Tau Sar With Cream Cheese Paste
     [Total Wt - 750 gm]
     500 gm salty/sweet white tau sar paste - store bought
     250 gm Philedelphia Cream Cheese
  • Beat the cream cheese in an electric mixer then add in the salty white tau sar paste.  Mix till well combined and smooth.  Transfer to a clean and dry container.  Keep in the refrigerator for later use.
2.  Oreo Chocolate Lotus Paste [Total Wt - 360 gm]
     250 gm lotus seed paste
     30 gm cooking chocolate - melted over boiling water
     2 tsp cocoa powder
     6 pieces of oreo cookies - crushed till fine
  • Mix all ingredients until well combined.  Store in a container and refrigerate for later use.
3.   Pandan Lotus Seed Paste [store bought] 
      with Roasted Melon Seeds [550 gm]
      500 gm pandan lotus paste mix with 50 gm melon seeds
 4. Red Bean Paste [store bought] 
     with Roasted Melon Seeds [550 gm]
      500 gm red bean paste mix with 50 gm melon seeds
5.   Durian Paste Filling [recipe here]

6.   Coconut Paste Filling - [see recipe here]
           [Weighs 500 gm]

  • Cream Cheese With Oreo Chocolate Lotus Paste [Per Piece] - 55 gm of each paste
  • Cream Cheese With Pandan Lotus Paste and Red Bean Paste - [Per Piece] - 30gm/40gm/40gm
  • Pandan Lotus With Red Bean Paste [Per  Piece] - 55 gm of each paste
  • Red Bean With Cream Cheese Paste [Per Piece] - 70gm/40 gm of each paste


Anonymous said...

Hello, may I ask where did you buy the salty/sweet white tau sar paste?

Kimmy said...

Hi Anonymous, I got it from the store selling bakery items. Sometimes only available during Mooncake festival. Actually, you can make your own. Look up this post []. It's the same just fry until it is drier.