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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fried Fish [Bok Kok]

I do not know what is the actual name of this fish but we called it 'Bok Kok Hu' in Penang. I supposed it is another local small fish for frying.  Serve well with porridge or nasi lemak. Some people will cook them in tamarind juice or something like 'Assam Belai' but my family prefers to fry them.  Bought these from the local wet market in Penang for Ringgit 2.00 per 600 grams. Some people will not buy them as they claimed it is very tedious to scale and cut them and moreover the bones are very fine.  But we like the sweet taste of this fish.

Just season with some salt and tumeric powder.  Pan fry till cooked and crispy.

Here are the pictures of this fish before and after cutting.

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