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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Figurine Mooncakes 2011 [Goldfish and Pineapple Designs]

Since my last attempt making figurine mooncake whereby the cakes do not look nice with those moulds, I tried to make another 2 batches using the 'goldfish' and 'pineapple' designs.  Ingredients and method wise is exactly the same as per my previous posting [please refer to my earlier figurine mooncake postings for the recipe].  There is nothing wrong with the recipe or method and I am convinced it is the moulds.
Here are the pictures which show clearly the before and after baking of the mooncakes.  This time I am happy with the result and I can present them to relatives and friends as gifts in conjunction with Mooncake Festival.
With the same portion of ingredients, I made 36 pieces each of the 2 designs.
Before baking - goldfish design
After baking
Before baking - pineapple design
After baking
  • Be careful when selecting the mooncake moulds.
  • The mooncakes are very nice with golden brown colour without egg glaze.  It looks lighter in the picture because of the lighting.

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