Monday, August 29, 2011

Figurine Mooncake 2011 [Assorted Design]

Baked some figurine mooncakes last weekend.   Please see my other posting for the ingredients and recipes. This time, I used 3 different figurine mooncake moulds.  These moulds look cute with Minnie, Winnie the Pooh and clown designs.  Moulding is easy and the design looks nice before baking but after baking, the designs disappear.  I think probably is because the wood cutting of these designs are too shallow or my mooncake dough is not good for these moulds. Taste wise, it is the same.
Not so good moulds
Clown design - before baking

Clown design - after baking [design disappeared]
Before Baking
After baking 
After baking, design no longer sharp
When I used the goldfish and pineapple designs, the pattern remains after baking.  Next time, I will stick to using the goldfish and pineapple design.
These are good mooncake moulds [design well craved]
Before baking
After baking - design still visible

After baking - design still visible

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