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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Red Skin Buns [Mi Koo] Revisited

In Penang, most Chinese families of the Taoist faith will be praying to their ancestors and 'hungry ghosts' either this Saturday or Sunday which coincide with the 14th and 15th day of 7th moon of the Chinese calender.
In fact, since July 31, it is the beginning of the 'Hungry Ghost Festival', equivalent with 'Chinese Halloween' which lasts for a month.
My family will also be making the usual offerings on Sunday.  My Ma will be cooking several dishes such as Chicken Curry, Popiah, Pig's Tripe Soup [locally aka Too Thor Th'ng] and Family Style Meat Rolls [Lor Bak].
Steamed Buns With Peanut Filling [12 buns]
As usual, this Red Skin Bun [recipe here] is one of the must have item to be offered.  So I made 2 portions of the buns, a portion for my MIL and another for my Ma.  For the recipe, please refer to my posting dated 16/5/2011.
Mi Koo Before Steaming
However, for 1 portion, I made the buns without filling and the other portion I added the Sesame Peanut filling [similar to the peanut, sesame coating for Muah Chee].  For the recipe, please refer to my Muah Chee posting on 24 July, 2011.
Steamed Mi Koo [10 pieces]

For praying purpose, I have to brush the skin with pink colouring otherwise, it is not necessary.  These are very nice Chinese buns that can be prepared earlier, kept the the fridge for weeks.  Just thaw to room temperature, then steam for 10-15 minutes and the buns are really soft.  They can be eaten with a spread of butter or even pan fried with beaten egg, a little salt and sugar to taste like french toast.

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