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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tom Yam Flavoured Herbal Fried Rice

This is a very fragrant and aromatic fried rice with daun kadok [wild betel leaves],cekur leaves [sand ginger leaves], kaffir lime leaves and tom yam paste. More ingredients such as lemongrass, indian curry leaves, mint leaves and wild ginger flower 'bunga kantan' can also be added if available.  You can mix and match any of these ingredients, it is still okay.   These ingredients have to be finely cut for frying this fried rice.  Since, I am only frying for 2, I just used daun kadok, cekur leaves and kaffir lime leaves from my garden.   The spiciness [from tom yam] can be adjusted to suit own preference.
4 bowls of cooked rice [big portion]
2 tbsp tom yam paste
4 calamasi lime juice
some fish sauce to taste
salt and sugar to taste
100 gm prawns - shelled [can substitute with 1 tbsp dried prawns]
2 eggs
2 shallots - sliced
1/2 red carrot- shredded
10 or more daun kaduk leaves - clean and shredded
some cekur leaves - clean and shredded
some kaffir lime leaves - clean and keep whole or  shredded 
2 tbsp oil
  1. Prepare all the ingredients above.  Heat up oil and saute prawns till cooked.  Push aside, add in eggs, stir and push aside.  Put in the tom yam paste, fry and add in rice [fry on low heat] and stir to combine rice and paste well. 
  2. Add in carrots, stir and all the shredded ingredients. Continue to stir to combine all the ingredients well. Then add in fish sauce, salt and sugar [if necessary] to taste [these depends on the saltiness of tom yam paste].  Continue to fry till the vegetables are cooked and rice is light and fluffy.  Off fire and squeeze in the lime juice before dishing out to serve.

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