Friday, August 26, 2011

Figurine Mooncake 2011 [Koong Chye Pneang] With Sesame Seeds and Meat Floss Filling

Baked Figurine Mooncake with Meat Floss Fillings
Once you have mastered the skill to prepare the basic figurine mooncake skin, you can use any fillings [home made or store bought] to add various flavours preferred.
Here, I tried adding roasted sesame seeds to the golden syrup mixture before folding in the flour and also use meat floss [store bought] as fillings.
Goldfish figurine mooncake before baking
For Dough - add 2-3 tbsp roasted sesame seeds to golden syrup mixture before folding in flour

Add roasted sesame seeds before adding flour
Fillings - 50 - 100 gm meat floss
Meat floss, mooncake dough and moulds
Filling dough with meat floss
Figurine mooncake before baking
Figurine mooncake after baking for 20 minutes @ 180 degrees C

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