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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Golden Syrup for Mooncake

Thanks to Amy Beh for her Golden Syrup recipe.  Here are the ingredients for preparing the syrup.  According to Amy Beh, a good syrup should be like thick, runny glue and best to use a heavy saucepan.
1.2 kg granulated sugar
1 litre water
1 lime, quartered and squeezed for juice, discard seeds, retain the pulp and skin
1 tbsp maltose [mak ngah tong]
  • Put all ingredients except maltose in the saucepan, bring to boil then reduce to low heat and continue boiling till syrup turns light golden colour.  Turn off the heat and add maltose.  Stir well to dissolve and leave to cool completely, then store in glass jar or bottle for at least 2 weeks before use.

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