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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Potato Sesame Seed Buns [Straight Dough Method]

This 马铃薯面包 Potato Bread recipe was from Cathy's blog [details here] which was adapted and modify from 'The Second Book of Baking for Beginners' by Carol.  I used to bake potato buns from potato flakes and has never tried using boiled potato [mashed].
Quite an easy to follow recipe but most important is, it yields really soft and moist buns.  However, I made them round and coat them with toasted sesame seeds which are rather similar to those sold at Adventist Hospital Bakery.  There, the buns were baked in a cluster of 9 buns.  The buns were covered with lots of sesame seeds, very soft and moist.  Think this is also a healthy bun cos' it isn't sweet, salty or oily.
[makes 12 buns]
270 gm bread flour
30 gm plain flour
3 gm bread improver [I omit]
150 gm mashed potato [boiled with water till soft and mashed]
20 gm caster sugar [I used 1 1/2 tbsp]
1 tsp instant yeast
1/4 tsp salt
150 ml milk
30 gm butter [I used 1 tbsp]
enough lightly toasted sesame seeds
Butter, cut into thin strips
granulated sugar - optional
  1. Dough - Combine all ingredients together (except butter) in a mixer and knead until a soft dough is formed [about 10-12 minutes].    Add in butter and continue to knead until the dough is soft, smooth and elastic.  This takes about 10-15 minutes from low speed to medium high speed.  The dough should not stick to the fingers when touch or reach window pane stage.
  2. Leave to proof for 15 minutes or until double in size.  Punch down dough.
  3. Divide the dough into 12 equal portions.   Roll dough into round balls.  Wet them with some water, then coat it with sesame seeds.  Place on foil cupcake cases [buns will not stick to foil cases after baking].
  4. Proof the dough for  45minutes or until double in size.
  5. Use a knife to make a slit in the middle of the dough  and put one strip of the butter on top.  Sprinkle with some granulated sugar [for better effect, brush dough with egg glaze or milk before slitting the buns].
  6. Bake in a preheated oven at 190 degrees C for 15 minutes or until golden.  Remove to cool on wire rack.
I'm sharing this post via BYOB [Bake Your Own Bread] hosted by Girlichef.


Heather said...

I have been meaning to make potato bread or buns lately, because my son has been asking me for them. I had a recipe that used flakes, but this one sounds great, too. Plus, I'm a HUGE fan of sesame seeds - so I may just have to try these! So happy you've shared them =)

Phong Hong said...

The buns look good and the sesame seeds adds a nice touch.

Kimmy said...

Hi Heather, I used to bake potato buns with flakes, too. Now I do have option to use mashed potatoes.
It's a healthy bun.

Kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, I expect the buns to be quite heavy but was surprised it turn out very light and fluffy. I ate it just like that with a hot beverage.

Michelle K said...

The split where the dab of butter is looks very pretty surrounded by the sesame seeds. Great recipe and good instructions, thank you for sharing this with BYOB.

Kimmy said...

Hi Michelle, I coated the buns with lots of toasted sesame seeds and the butter adds a salty taste to the buns. Can also sprinkle some granulated sugar, too.

smarty said...

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