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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Milky Loaf Bread/White Loaf Bread Using Whipping Cream

Since  I had some whipping cream left from making cheesecake, I used the balance to bake this loaf  bread that uses whipping cream.   I have seen various versions of this bread which is soft and fluffy but frankly speaking, it is not that suitable for me and my hubby [senior citizens, a little 'kiasi'] as our daily breakfast bread.   I supposed, its alright for the younger people and only ocassional indulgence for me.
I think it will be a long, long time before I gonna bake this bread again.  So I'll just  post the pictures and for the recipe please refer to HERE and HERE for further information..


Honey boy said...

Nice and soft white bread! I love bread, I enjoy making bread too! Shall give this a try! Thanks for Sharing!

Kimmy said...

Hi, this bread is milky and creamy feel. Try it and you'll understand what I'm trying to describe, hehe.

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