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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Or Choe Koo [Black Sesame Angku Kuih]

This is not the actual Or Choe Koo that my grandma used to make.  She uses the top part of the yam which we usually discard when cooking yam.  She cut this part into thin strips, dried them thoroughly in the sun and stored them for later use.  Before using, she boils them with some water until soft then mix with the glutinous flour [maybe next time I'll try her recipe when I have this ingredient].
Here I used black sesame for the skin.  The original recipe is from Jane's Corner [see here].  I doubled the portion so that I can make more.  I managed to make 8 big pieces [using the traditional tortoise mould handed down from my grandma's time] and 24 small pieces [using the very small angku mould].  I was glad I made more cos' they were finished very soon.  Never knew this kuih is in demand [probably because it has been decades since we made this in the house].    I had one of the small piece angku and was very satisfied it tasted good.  The angku remains soft and chewy even on the third day [purposely kept a piece for testing].
The filling was prepared a day earlier and refrigerated.  The skin dough was also made a day earlier according to Li Ying's advice that's to allow the flour to absorb the liquid [Happy Flour's blog].  The dough is easy to handle and I think this helps to keep the steamed angku soft and chewy even after 2 days.     Most angku skin turns hard especially when exposed but not this one.
Ingredients - Fillings 
[can use Savoury Sweet Split Green Beans Paste  if you prefer a sweeter filling]
200 gm mung beans [split green beans]
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp fried shallot oil
  1. Soak mung beans for at least 4 hours.  Drain and steam the beans until soft [about 40 minutes].  Mash the beans immediately while hot.
  2. Fry mashed beans till dry.  Add in sugar, salt and shallot oil.  Mix until well combined.
Ingredients - Angku Skin
60 gm rice flour
120 ml boiled water
300 gm glutinous rice flour
50 gm black sesame powder
80 gm sugar
200-220 ml water
4 tbsp oil
  1. Mix rice flour with boiled water, then cook over low heat until thick.
  2. Combine [1] to the remaining ingredients.  Knead until dough is soft [Refer * Step 2 and 3] .
  3. Divide dough into small portions, wrap in fillings and mould it out.
  4. Place the "ang ku" on lightly greased banana leaves and arrange them on steaming tray leaving some space in between the kuihs.
  5. Steam over high heat for 5 minutes, uncover the steamer and continue steaming for 6-7 minutes or until cooked.
  6. Remove and brush some oil on the surface of steamed angku.
  7. Serve immediately or cool on wire rack before storing in air tight container.

[ * ] Method to make Dough from Happy Flour
  1. Mix all the dough ingredients together and knead to form a soft dough. (For water, try to add 1/2 of the among first and then add some at a time. You may need more or less water, it depends on your sweet potato and flour).
  2. Wrap the dough up and rest it in the fridge for 1 to 2 days  (this allow the flour to absorb the liquid).
  3. Thaw knead the dough again before use.  (If dough is dry add some water, if wet add some flour).


Phong Hong said...

Kimmy, this is similar to ang ku except that the skin is black? I like ang ku a lot. My auntie taught me how to make it last year but I find it very time consuming and a lot of work. So I prefer to buy or wait for someone to give me. Hee..hee...

kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, me too shared the same thought as you. Make a small portion, it's not difficult at all esp. when you can prepare the skin dough and filling a day earlier.

Amelia said...

Hi Kimmy, I love this or choe koo..... yours look delicious. Homemade is still the best as those sold outside the filling is so pathetic.

Have a nice day.

kimmy said...

Thanks Amelia, fully agree with you. They are really yummy. Best of all it stays soft too which is most important fact for a delicious angku.

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