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Friday, May 20, 2011

Various Types of Fresh Chilli Paste Available in Penang, Malaysia

Just like to share with readers [especially from outside Penang, Malaysia] this information.   In Penang, cooking various types of curries is really not a difficult task. This is because we can easily buy freshly mix chilli paste/mix at almost all wet markets in Penang. The vendor can even estimate for us how much we need to buy just by letting him know the quantity of our main ingredient such as chicken, meat, fish, prawns or vegetables.

Moreover, it is also not expensive. The prices range from RM 0.70 to RM......... depends on quantity of our main ingredients. For example, if cooking 1 kg of chicken with 3 potatoes, we just need to buy RM 2.00 - RM 2.50 [this depends on how spicy you prefer the curry to be]. The curry paste consists of grounded chilli, lemongrass, shallots, tumeric, coriander powder etc that makes up the paste to cook the type of curry you choose.  Isn't it easy?
Apart from curry paste, the vendor also sells other mixes of spices for cooking other dishes.   Below is the list of the common curries and other dishes where the grounded ingredients can be bought from the vendor.
Various types of Curry
  1. Chicken Curry [Nyonya curry, kapitan curry, vegetarian chicken curry]
  2. Mutton Curry [mutton, vegetarian mutton curry]
  3. Vegetable Curry [mixed vegetable curry, pickled spicy vegetables - acar etc]
  4. Sambal Tumis for Prawns, Fish and Cockles
  5. Seafood Curry [Fish Head Curry, Indian Fish Curry and Assorted Seafood - Squids, Stingray]
Grounded Paste For Other Dishes
  1. Coriander Pork or Chicken
  2. Otak-otak Paste etc
We can also buy ingredients separately such as coriander paste, chilli paste, grounded shallots, tumeric paste etc.

Note: Appreciate if readers will let me know if these are also available elsewhere outside Penang.

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