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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Egg Omelette With 'Hneah'

Another variation of egg omelette, but has additional value. Recommended by a friend of mine.   I do not know the actual name of this herb [can get it at the vegetable or 'ulam' stalls in the wet markets of Penang].   Aids in relieving headaches.
'Hneah' in Chinese Hokkien Dialect 
2 eggs
a bunch of 'hneah' - chopped coarsely
1 tbsp finely chopped ginger
a pinch of salt
cooking oil for frying
  1. Mix 'hneah' [refer to photo] and ginger. Break in eggs and add salt. Lightly mix all ingredients.
  2. Heat a little oil [enough for frying omelette]. Pour in egg mixture. Spread out a little to speed with cooking and prevent burning. Flip over when firm to cook the other side. Can fry in a few batches if preferred to get smaller pieces or 1 big piece.

Note: 'Hneah' can be home grown in a pot from the stems as shown in the photo.
Can add a tsp of sesame oil to cooking oil when frying omelette.

I'm also linking this post to September 2013 Cooking With Herbs Blog Challenge hosted by Lavender and Lovage

Cooking with Herbs


Anonymous said...

The hneah leaves looks so much like Ulam raja. My favourite ulam, best eaten raw with nasi kerabu/ulam.
Keng (born in Penang but grew up in KL)

Kimmy said...

Hi Keng, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Do you have relatives is Penang? The hneah was introduced to me by a friend. Didn't know that it is a ulam.

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