Wednesday, January 13, 2016


There are numerous version of Taiwanese Minced Pork Rice [Lou Rou Fan] that I have came across and I can’t remember how many I have tried but I do not remember cooking one with preserved salted vegetable [Chai Por] added.
This recipe is from My White Kitchen and I must say that the portion is quite big.  Anyway, I followed to the T, all of it cos’ I intend to share some with my SIL who does not cook at all. Giving her this dish would be good cos’ it is easy to serve. Just cook or steam some rice, heat up the braised meat and serve with some cucumbers would sufficed for a meal.
The minced meat is full of flavours, aromatic and tasty. The eggs and firm beancurd also tasted good with some flavours infused in them. If you notice from the recipe, even though chai por is used it is not salty and no sugar is added.
Serving this dish with rice, some pickled mustard leaves or cucumbers is just perfect for an easy meal. This dish can be cooked and stored, tastes much better after resting too. 
Minced Pork with Eggs and Beancurd
400 gm minced meat [with some fats]
Marinate with 2 tsp light soy sauce, 1 tsp sesame seed oil , dash of pepper and 1 tbsp cornflour
100 gm preserved salted vegetable [chai por]
5-6 shallots – peeled and chopped
2-3 garlic – peeled and chopped
1 star anise
2 tbsp oil
4 pieces firm beancurd – fried
6-8 hard boiled eggs
1 tbsp oyster sauce, 2 tbsp light soy sauce, 3 tbsp dark soy sauce and ½ tsp 5 spice powder
2 tbsp shaoxing wine and pinch of salt
1 cucumber – sliced thinly

  1. Saute shallots and garlic until fragrant and almost crispy. Add in chai por and fry to mix well.
  2. Add in marinated meat, star anise and stir fry to mix well until meat turns pale colour.
  3. Add in seasoning except salt, stir fry to mix well and leave to cook for a few minutes.
  4. Add in enough water to cover ingredients, beancurd and eggs. Bring to boil, then simmer over medium low fire for about 40 minutes and sauce has thickened [you can thicken the sauce with some cornstarch].
  5. Serve braised meat with rice, cucumber, sliced beancurd and egg.


PH said...

Wah....Kimmy, I know I will love this minced pork because I can tell that it is very tasty. Pairs so well with the beancurd and eggs. Two plates of rice please!

Kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, I had to prepare this at home cos' I can't stand the portion serve at the outlets. It is so small, not enough to whet ones appetite. Home-cooked, everything 'cheh-cheh', hehehe! The braised meat tastes so much better after reheating. To reheat, I steamed it so that the gravy wouldn't dries up.

Chloe said...

Hi Kimmy. Another awesome recipe. This dish has all the ingredients I like especially towfoo and egg. Will certainly try it. Thanks . Chloe

Kimmy said...

Hi Chloe, this is good for a One Dish Meal cos' it is not only complete with all the nutrients best of all I can prepare it way ahead of meal times. It is so flavourful after reheating.

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