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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I have seen this lovely cookie recipe at Jeannie's blog in September 2014 but did not get to bake them until now.
Love the idea of using rolled oats in this recipe instead of nuts, as I happened to have a packet given by my sister. 
These cookies are very crispy and aromatic.  Sweetness is acceptable.  I don't know why these cookies look brownish.  I baked these cookies on the same day when I baked the Nestum Chocolate Chips Cookies.  My hubby says this one is better but to me there isn't much difference between the two.

For Jeannie's original recipe, please check it out here
[makes 100 pieces]
170 gm butter - softened 
60 gm caster sugar
100 gm brown sugar
2 large eggs 
1 tbsp vanilla extract 
1 tsp baking soda 
1/2 tsp salt 
220 gm all purpose flour 
2 cups chocolate chips [I used 1 cup] 
180 gm rolled oats

  1. Sift baking soda and salt with flour and mix in the oats.
  2. Cream butter with both sugar until creamy and smooth in a mixing bowl.
  3. Add eggs and vanilla essence and mix until combined. 
  4. Fold in dry ingredients using the lowest speed until well combined.
  5. Add in chocolate chips and mix until just combined.
  6. Place spoonfuls of batter on baking tray lined with parchment paper leaving some space in between cos' the the batter will spread out upon baking.
  7. Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees C for 15 minutes. Remove to cool on rack and store in air tight container.
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and Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids



Phong Hong said...

Kimmy, can I have some? hah..hah..hah... By the way, do your cookies stay crunchy when you store them? I find that mine tends to become soft (chewy) even when I keep in an airtight container.

Kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, you are most welcome to have some. My cookies do stay crunchy and crispy from now until long after CNY if they do last that long. I used the plastic container with the red cover to store them. They are okay. Sometimes, my friends keep saying that I was too early baking cookies. But so far I didn't find anything wrong with my cookies during CNY. Many of my relations came visiting at my mum and MIL's place during CNY just because of my cookies, hahaha! BTW, I have finished baking all my CNY baking. What a relief.

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