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Friday, April 12, 2013

Home-made Sushi Rolls - Uramaki

Uramaki [inside out sushi] is sushi roll made with the rice outside and with the seaweed [nori] sheet inside.  You can make it using any ingredients you like such as crab meat stick, zuchini, fish roe and zuchini or egg omelette strips etc.  An example of Uramaki is the California Sushi Roll.  Sprinkled with toasted black and white sesame seeds on the outside make the sushi roll more fragrant.
Ingredients for Filling
1 Zuchini - washed, seeds removed and cut strips
some crab meat sticks - steamed for 10 minutes - set aside to cool
1-2 eggs mix with salt to taste - fried into omelette and cut thick strips
1 packet Nori seaweed sheets
sushi mat or cling film wrap
Mayonnaise Paste
mayonnaise mix with some condensed milk and lime juice - transfer to a piping bag [tied up] refrigerate until required
  1. Wrap the sushi mat with a zip lock plastic bag.  Spread a layer of sushi rice over it, either into a square or rectangle [depends on how well you can manage to make a roll].  Sprinkle some toasted white and black sesame seeds over rice [optional].  
  2. Place a piece of nori sheet [size according to the area of rice].
  3. Place a strip each of the filling ingredients [according to your preferences]over the nori sheet.  Pipe some mayonnaise over the fillings.
  4. Roll up sushi roll with the sushi mat and press tight.  Make sure the sushi rice is  compact or firm.    Sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds all over roll.
5.  Do the same until the rice is used up.   Wrap up Uramaki rolls with cling wrap   for easier slicing.    Slice sushi rolls before serving.
Note:  These can be made and refrigerated.  Cut sushi rolls just before serving.


Phong Hong said...

Kimmy, I think tonight I want to go and eat sushi :)

kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, was at the food court last nite, saw these sushi rolls and they weren't cheap compared to the quantity I made, hehehe! I'll be very rich thinking this way...

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