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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Home-made Sushi Rolls - Futomaki

Futomaki are fat or large sushi rolls and they can have more than 2-3 different fillings such as zuchini, carrot, crab meat sticks, egg strips or tuna.  Some are with mashed hard boiled eggs with mayonnaise.  For this Futomaki, I didn't add any wasabi cos' I can't stand the taste.  Instead, I just mixed a little wasabi with Japanese soy sauce as dipping sauce for my nephews.   Next time, I will prepare a pickled ginger to go with this sushi rolls.
Ingredients for Filling
1 Zuchini - washed, seeds removed and cut slender strips
some crab meat sticks - steamed for 10 minutes - set aside to cool
1-2 eggs mix with salt to taste - fried into omelette and cut thick strips
1 packet Nori seaweed sheets
sushi mat or cling wrap
Mayonnaise Paste
mayonnaise mix with some condensed milk and lime juice - transfer to a piping bag [tied up] refrigerate until required

1. Place a piece of nori sheet over a sushi mat. Spread a layer of sushi rice over the nori sheet. Leave about 1/2" of the nori sheet at the end without rice. 
2. Place a strip each of all the ingredients. Pipe some mayonnaise over the fillings [sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds if you like over the rice]. 

3.Roll up sushi roll using the sushi mat and press tight as you roll up. Make sure the sushi rice is well sealed into a firm roll.

4. Do the same until the rice is used up. Slice sushi rolls before serving with wasabi soy sauce and pickled ginger or spread some tuna mayonnaise mix over sushi pieces.


Phong Hong said...

Wah, you made some more sushi! Like that Kimmy, I can come over and eat lah hee..hee...

mui mui said...

Hi Kimmy,
I love this fat sushi rolls too.
My boys love the hard boil egg with mayo and tuna ones.
Thanks for sharing :)

kimmy said...

Hello PH, you're welcome. Actually I made all the three at the same time but posted them separately so as not to confuse or frighten off readers who may want to try making their own sushi.

kimmy said...

Hello Mui Mui, I like this too esp. with the toasted sesame seeds. A different kind of aroma as you chew it. Yes, my nephews loved these fillings, too.

Carole said...

Thanks Kimmy! Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

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