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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kitchen Temporarily Closed

An outstation relative is in town for some health treatment.  Have to frequent the hospital  daily to give assistance and moral support.   Temporarily my kitchen is closed with  no home cooking until things are back in order.

Being healthy is most important  of all.  


Esther@thefussfreechef said...

Hope your relative get well, and you take care yourself too.

Zoe said...

Hi Kimmy,

Hope everything goes well for you and your family.

Take care.


Kimmy said...

Hi Esther & Zoe, thanks for your well wishes. I always feel sad whenever a patient is left at the hospital alone by their relatives [main reason - family members are busy]. My cousin has undergone a thorough check-up [she weighs 96.8kg]. Very lucky everything is fine except fatty liver, a small stone in the kidney and onset of early arthritis. No medication, just have to loose weight by at least 20kg. How? Any advices?

Claire said...

Hi Kimmy, how old is your relative and what's the cause of her overweight situation?

Kimmy said...

Hi Claire, my cousin sis is 59 years old. Partly genetic [parents are also obese] and partly lifestyle/work. She eats after midnight and sleeps only early morning. No time for exercise but does walk a lot while working.

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