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Monday, February 20, 2012

Vegetarian Stir Fry Brussel Sprouts

This is a simple dish but with a variety of ingredients in small quantities.  A dish that can help you clear off some of the leftover items in the kitchen cupboard or refrigerator.  Here I will not provide the exact quantity of each item, it all depends on what you have on hand but of course you must have a vegetable.  Here, I used brussel sprouts.  You can  replace the brussel sprouts with cabbage, beansprouts, garlic sprouts and loufah.  Just cut all ingredients either in strips or  cubes.  I added chai por which was given to me by a friend.  Not that salty but crunchy.
I am cooking this dish to go with porridge.

black fungus - soaked and cut
kim chiam - washed and knotted
firm beancurd - cut
taufu puffs [taupok] - cut
carrot - cut
chai por strip - soaked and cut [I used the chai por from Hatyai]
brussel sprouts or cabbage, beansprouts and loufah
1-2 tbsp oil
seasoning - light soy sauce, cooking wine and pepper to taste
some water
some chopped garlic [can omit if vegetarian for religious purpose]
  • Heat oil in wok to fry beancurd till firm.  Push aside, then add in garlic and chai por strips.  Fry till fragrant.  Then add in kim chiam, black fungus, carrots, taufu puffs and beancurd.  Stir to mix all ingredients well for a second.
  • Add in seasoning, brussel sprouts.  Stir and add in some water.
  • Fry till vegetables are cooked.  Only takes a second or two.   Dish out to serve.

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