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Monday, February 6, 2012

Stir Fry Crab Noodles with Tom Yam Paste

My hubby's new interest and hobby now is fishing.  These crabs were his catch for the day.  Very fresh and sweet.  For this dish, 2 crabs is enough for 2 persons, but since he managed to catch 4 [various sizes], I just cooked them all and enjoy.  The crabs really tasted different from those you get at the wet market.  Hard to explain the taste but it has a unique sweetness and you know it is because of the freshness.
Fresh crabs from my hubby's fishing trip
The part of crab which I like most [the shell]

[serves 2]
2 pieces of rice vermicelli [beehoon] - soaked for 5-10 minutes, drain in colander [or quantity enough for 2 persons]
100 gm round cabbage - cut strips
2 crabs - cleaned and halved [here I used 4] - see picture on how the crabs were cut.
5-6 pieces kaffir lime leaves - wash keep whole
1-2 tbsp Tom Yam chilli paste [used good quality type]
1-2 tbsp oil
3 tbsp fish sauce
1-2 tbsp sugar to taste
salt to taste [optional]

200 ml water
Lime juice from 3-4 calamasi limes
Clockwise - beehoon, mint leaves, cabbage leaves, lime, kaffir leaves and tomyam paste
  1. Heat wok with oil, add in tom yam paste and cabbage to fry for a second.  Add water, bring to a boil, then add in the crabs and seasoning  to taste.  Cover for 3-5 minutes to cook the crabs.
  2. Remove cover then add in rice vermicelli [beehoon].  Use a pair of chopstick to loosen noodles and mix ingredients well.  Cover wok for 3-5 minutes or leave to cook noodles and water has almost dried up. 
  3. Remove cover, toss again till ingredients are well combined and noodles are soft. Throw in lime leaves and pour in lime juice.  Off fire, toss again and dish out on plate to serve. Garnish with mint leaves.
Fry tomyam paste with oil add in cabbage, water and seasoning

When water boils add in crabs, stir, cover to cook for 3 minutes
Add  beehoon, stir, cover to cook till water is almost dry

delicious crab noodles

  • Can add more tom yam paste if you prefer more spicy noodles.
  • Be careful with salt and lime juice as some tom  yam paste taste salty and sourish
  • Fish sauce, kaffir leaves and lime juice are moist important ingredients to fry Tom Yam Noodles

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