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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stir Fry Garlic Flower Sprouts with Beancurd

Garlic flower sprout looks quite similar to chives [kucai] flower but when fried it has a stronger garlic taste.  It is crispy and you can enjoy them only when you have strong teeth and gums to chew on them.  I think it is a high fibre vegetable.

1 bunch of garlic flower sprouts - cut about 1 inch length - discard the ends
2 pieces of firm beancurd [taukwa] - cut broad strips
1 small red chilli - cut strips
light soy sauce to taste
some water
2 tbsp oil
  1. Put 2 tbsp oil in wok to fry beancurd strips to slightly crispy at the edges.  Dish out.  Remove excess oil.
  2. While wok is still hot, add in the garlic sprouts and red chilli.  Fry on high heat for a second then return the beancurd into wok.  Stir to mix ingredients well.  Drizzle in enough light soy sauce to taste around the wok followed by a little water.
  3. Stir for another second and dish out to serve with porridge or rice.

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