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Monday, April 2, 2018


Cooking for one is not that difficult.... Put your thoughts into action and see what you get.   If you find the dish good, just enjoy, keep the recipe and share.  If it does not, just take it as a lesson learned.  There is no one to make comments, so no worries.
My home alone dish, complete with chicken and vegetables. Simple, yet awesome, tasty and delicious chicken dish with no  oil used to fry the chicken.
1 deboned chicken whole leg [with skin but fats removed] - marinate with some light soy sauce
1 piece Ernygii mushrooms - cut wedges
5 pieces young corn - keep whole or cut sections
1 tbsp wolfberries [kei chee] - rinsed
1 tbsp each of light soy sauce and wine
dash of pepper and msg or 1/4 tsp sugar to taste
  1. Heat a non-stick pan, pan fry chicken [skin side first] until oil oozes out and brown.
  2. Add in mushrooms, young corn, seasoning.  Let it boil for a minute before adding enough water to cover ingredients.
  3. Cover with lid and braised until sauce is reduced.  Dish up the young corn and mushrooms onto serving platter [you can line plate with some salad leaves].
  4. Add in kei chee and a bit more water if gravy is to little, or thicken with some cornstarch water if too watery.  Bring to boil, dish up chicken, put on top of young corn and mushrooms.
  5. Pour remaining sauce over ingredients. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.  Serve immediately.

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