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Thursday, October 13, 2016


Thai Glass Noodle Meatballs Soup aka Kaeng Jud Wun-sen Song-krueng in Thai.
This is a clear soup.  The glass noodles are added into the meat and prawn paste and made into meatballs.  The meatballs are seasoned only with fish sauce. These meatballs are cooked in stock or water together with Chinese long cabbage and carrots.
This turned out to be tasty and good to serve with rice or noodles.  Again, this is the kind of clear soup which I like as it is quick to cook and almost oil free.  To me it is another healthy kind of soup.
Recipe adapted from Healthy and Easy Thai Cooking [my this month's selected cookbook for Cookbook Countdown Event #10]
150 gm minced meat
100 gm prawn meat – mashed and coarsely chopped
A small bunch of  glass noodle [tung fun] – soaked and cut about 1 inch length
1 tbsp chopped garlic
1 tbsp pounded coriander roots
½-1 tsp white pepper powder
1 – 1 ½ tbsp fish sauce to taste
Some sliced red carrots
Several leaves of Chinese long cabbage – cut 2 inch lengths
¼ tsp each of salt and msg
Some spring onions – cut 1 inch length
Some crispy fried garlic

  1. Combine minced meat with prawn paste, garlic, coriander roots, pepper and fish sauce into a paste, then add in the glass noodles.  Mix into a thick paste or until all the ingredients come together.  Set aside.
  2. Bring water or stock to boil, add in cabbage and carrots to cook. 
  3. Meanwhile, shape meat paste into meatballs and add to soup.  Cook over medium low heat until meatballs float up.
  4. Add in seasoning to taste.  If using stock, do reduce the seasoning stated.
  5. Lastly add in spring onions and fried garlic before serving.
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Emily said...

Oh Wow! First time see glass noodles used this way. Bookmarked!

Phong Hong said...

Hi Kimmy! I love meatballs in soup. First time I come across a recipe that adds tanghoon into the meatballs.

kitchen flavours said...

Looks delicious! I have seen a recipe using tung fun in the meatballs, but have never tried it before. This soup looks very good!

Margaret said...

OH! I really like the looks of this. I would never have thought of adding the glass noodles INTO the meatballs.

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