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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Thai Style Soy Sauce Fried Kuay Teow aka Kuay-teow Phad Siew.  This is aThai style of frying fresh  flat rice noodles [Hor Fun].  I noticed for many Thai style fried noodles, Kailan [aka Chinese broccoli or kale] is used.  
This fried noodle is not difficult to prepare and is packed with all the nutrients you need for a complete meal.  Thai cooking tastes sweet and here I have reduced the amount of sugar.  You can even omit it if you are using good quality light soy sauce for cooking.
Recipe adapted from a Thai cookbook 'Healthy and Easy Thai Cooking' [my selected cookbook for Cookbook Countdown Event#9] with modifications.

[serves 2]
300 gm fresh  flat rice noodles [kuay teow] - cut into broad strips
100 gm tender lean pork - sliced [I used chicken breast]
2 stalks Kailan - washed and cut into 1 inch lengths
50 gm red carrots - peeled and cut 1 inch length thin strips 
some baby corns - I omit
1 tbsp chopped garlic
2 eggs
2 tbsp oil
3 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tbsp sugar [I used 1/4 tsp] - can omit
  1. Mix noodles with light soy sauce, set aside.
  2. Fry garlic in oil until fragrant, add in meat and fry till cooked.  Add in noodles, vegetables and carrots together with seasoning.  Stir fry to mix well.
  3. Push aside or add in the eggs.  Mix well and fry until cooked through.
  4. Dish up to serve immediately.
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Emily said...

So delish! I miss cooking with noodles, but hubby said no more noodles... for the time being!

Kimmy said...

Hi Emily, oh but I will be sharing a few noodle dish this month. They are good and simple with a few ingredients. Keep the recipe for later.

kitchen flavours said...

Hi Kimmy,
I would leave out the sugar, as I prefer savoury to sweet noodles. Your plate of kuay teow looks so delicious! I like to eat my noodles with sliced chili padi, the spicier the better!

Kimmy said...

Hi Joyce, Thai food is usually on the sweet side. At Thai hawker stalls, there is always sugar on the table for patrons to add to their noodles. Quite scary to see them adding teaspoons of sugar into a bowl of noodle soup. Chilli flakes are added too. Me too prefer savoury to sweet taste especially noodles.

Chloe said...

Hi Kimmy. This looks delish. I like Thai dishes especially noodle dishes. Keep them coming. Thanks. Chloe

Kimmy said...

Hi Chloe, I like Thai food too but have to reduce the sugar. There is another post coming soon. I like the noodle which is quite similar to the Indian Mee Goreng [very appetising]. Stay tune. Have a good weekend.

TeaLady said...

I wonder if I can find these noodles. This looks tasty.

Kimmy said...

Hi TeaLady, this fresh flat rice noodles are similar to the one used for Fried Sar Hor Fun and available at all wet markets throughout Malaysia. Most Chinese restaurants do fry the noodle dish.

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