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Friday, December 26, 2014

Fried Eggs with White Carrot Sauce

Another homey and simple dish which I used to prepare and thought of not sharing it here.  But these days with people too busy to cook, I think simple yet tasty recipes may be welcomed by readers.
BTW, I cooked this again cos' I'm on soft diet to counter my sensitive teeth problem.  The grated carrot is cooked till very soft and has absorbed the seasoning well.
Verdict - fragrant crispy fried eggs are good enough and with this carrot sauce that is sourish sweet is more than sufficient for a meal with steaming hot rice.
[serves 4]
4 eggs
1 white carrot [300 gm]– peeled and grated
1 spring onions – chopped
1 small red chilli – seeded and cut strips [optional]
Enough oil to fry eggs
100 ml light soy sauce
2 tbsp wine
1 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp white vinegar [I used apple cider vinegar]
  1. Fry whole eggs in more oil until golden and edges are crispy [Do Not stir until egg is firm]. Dish up on serving plate. Remove excess oil.
  2. Using the same wok, put in seasoning one after another in the above sequence. Let it boil for a while then add in the grated carrot to cook.
  3. Dish up carrot sauce when carrot is soft and spread over the fried eggs.
  4. Garnish with chopped spring onions and red chilli. Serve.


Phong Hong said...

Hi Kimmy! This one is quite unusual but I am sure it is tasty with fried eggs. Normally I like my fried eggs with sweet soya sauce.

Kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, the sauce tasted sourish, not to sweet or salty but fragrant. The carrots soak up the flavours. Nice dish with rice.

~董夫人~ said...

Kimmy。。。哎哟 。。。betahan 。。
sure super yummy...

Kimmy said...

Hi Lay Pheng, this is simple dish but very appetising with rice.

Julie McQueen said...

Great blog♥

How about follow each other?
I follow your blog. Waiting for you♥
My Blog:

Kimmy said...

Thanks Julie for dropping by my humble blog.Will check up yours too. Stay connected.

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