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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cooking With My New Thai Brass Wok

My New Thai Brass Wok

These are the dishes that I cooked using my new Thai Brass Wok which I bought from Chinatown, Bangkok.  Making full use of it.

Fried Crispy Garlic

Click here to see EZ Homemade Kiwi Jam recipe

Click here for recipe - Family Style Jiu Hoo Char
 [Stir Fry Jicama with Dried Cuttlefish]

I read in several websites to find out the after care of the wok to maintain its shine and glory.  Very simple, just rub some lemon all over the wok face and bottom, then rinse with soapy water.  It looks as good as new.  Use wooden ladle for this wok.  I think I'll give it a good 'service' once the shine disappears.
A Hokkien porridge dish, Mustard Leaves Porridge [Kua Chye Moi] cooked with the Thai Brass Wok.  Good, served straight from the wok to bowl on the dining table.

Click here Kuah Chye Moi


Phong Hong said...

Kimmy, I see that you love this wok very much :) Is this the same type used by Indians? If I am not mistaken they call it "kadai". The size and shape is quite suitable and nice to use. If I see something like this, I would buy it too.

Kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, so far no complaints about using this wok. Fine it light and good for stir fries and braising. This is a Thai brass wok. Is Kadai made of brass, too? If you are in Bangkok, you can get one. I have yet to use it to make mung bean paste like what my mum said.

tinaa said...

Hi, it's beautiful, how much did you pay for it.?

Amy Cheong, Desirablerecipes said...

From the look of it, you definitely falling in love with your new wok. Enjoy your cooking with this new wok.

Kimmy said...

Hi Tinaa, paid 700 Thb about 70 ringgit.

Kimmy said...

HI Amy, sure like it very much. Told my hubby that using it often makes thIs wok worthy. Without using it, this wok is expensive no matter what's the price.

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