Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Delicious, yummy pan fried and braised chicken whole legs.  Another method is by baking if you are preparing a bigger portion.   Since my non stick wok is big enough for 3 pieces chicken whole leg, I opted to pan fry and braise.  Much easier as I do not have to bake and baste with the sauce several times through  baking.

These yummy succulent chicken whole legs are not overly sweet or savoury.  Just nice to serve with mashed potatoes and some coleslaw [recipe here].
Recipe adapted from Y Tower Gourment Food
[serves 3]
3 pieces chicken whole legs - fats removed but skin intact
1 tsp each of grated garlic and black pepper powder
2 tsp each of sugar and cooking wine
1/4 tsp salt
Sauce Ingredients [Combined]
2 tbsp honey
2-3 tbsp orange juice
3 tbsp tomato sauce
1 tsp each grated garlic and ginger
1 tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt

  1. Make a few slits on the meat side of the chicken whole leg.  Marinate them with marinade.  Mix well and leave in fridge for an hour.
  2. Grease a non stick wok with oil, pan fry the chicken pieces [skin side first] until brown or nicely coloured.   Flip over to fry the meat side.  Cover to ensure even cooking.
  3. Pour sauce over chicken pieces. Make sure the meat is well coated with the sauce.  Add 50-100 ml water.   Leave to braise for 1-2 minutes.  
  4. Flip over, cover and continue to cook until meat is tender and sauce is reduced to thick consistency [takes about 20 minutes].  Can add more water if chicken is not tender.
  5. Dish up to serve with rice or boiled potatoes and salad.

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