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Monday, June 25, 2018


This savoury pancake recipe is from Amy Beh.  It was published many, many years ago in the newspapers and I had kept the cutting since then.   I love savoury pancakes more than the sweet ones. 
These pancakes can be served as a light lunch and it is tasty and delicious.  It is crispy at the edges but soft, chewy and moist. 

Though, I have been preparing this pancake for many times but have yet to share them here.  Anyway, I am sharing the recipe of Amy Beh here with some adjustments to the portion.  It is a versatile recipe where you can mix and match or substitute some the ingredients lest at times you may not have all the ingredients in hand.  Most important is the seasoning. 

This portion is enough to make 4 pieces pancakes [16 cm diameter].
[serves 3-4]
80 gm French beans - finely sliced
60 gm carrot - finely chopped
80 gm fresh sweet corn kernels [omit, add chopped prawns]
200 gm self-raising flour
300-350 ml UHT milk
2 eggs
2 tbsp melted butter or corn oil
1 tsp each of salt and pepper
2 tsp chicken stock granules or dash of msg

  1. Sift flour in a bowl or container, pour in milk.  Beat in the eggs and add melted butter or corn oil.  Mix.
  2. Add in the remaining ingredients and seasoning.
  3. Mix into a thick batter.  Divide into 4 equal portions [can make smaller pancakes using any size ladle you have]. 
  4. Lightly greased a non stick pan with oil.  Pour in one portion, cover to cook for 1-2 minutes over medium low heat.  Remove cover, flip over to fry the other side.  Cover to cook for 1 minute or until the edges are a litte crispy. 
  5. Remove to serving platter.  Serve hot or warm with sweet chilli sauce.
  6. Finish the same with the remaining batter.

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