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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

CNY 2015 - Chocolate Marble German Cookies

Many blogger friends have baked this melt-in the mouth German Cookies for awhile.  There were so many last year but I was attracted to the marbled ones shared by Ann Low of Anncoo Journal which looks simple yet attractive.
Like other cookie recipes, I baked a double portion to get enough to share with my siblings and mother in-law.  Separately baked another portion for my neighbour when the first bake turned out to be so good.
All in all, I ended up baking 4 portions of this recipe.  Isn't it a bit too much, but they really are good.
Verdict - lovely, lovely cookies that are so crispy, fine and aromatic.  Taste perfect, melt in the mouth too.  This is my favourite kind of cookies. It's a keeper.  Made some for my neighbour and she gave a Thumbs Up.  
Ingredients - Plain Portion
[double portion in red - makes 210 pieces]
125 gm butter [250 gm]
40 gm icing sugar [80 gm] - sifted
125 gm potato starch or corn starch [250 gm]
80 gm plain flour [160 gm] - sifted twice
  1. Beat butter and icing sugar till fluffy and lighter in color.
  2. Sift in potato starch and flour, mix to form a soft plain dough and set aside.
Ingredients - Cocoa Portion
125 gm butter [250 gm]
40 gm icing sugar [80 gm] - sifted
125 gm potato starch or corn starch [250 gm]
20 gm cocoa powder [40 gm] - sifted twice
60 gm plain flour [120 gm] - sifted twice
  1. Beat butter and icing sugar till fluffy and lighter in color.
  2. Sift in potato starch, cocoa powder and plain flour, mix to form a soft chocolate dough.
  3. Divide plain and chocolate dough into 4 portions.
  4. Roll plain and chocolate dough separately into long strips. Using 1 tsp measuring spoon of plain and chocolate dough, wrap them around each other with your hand and place on a lined baking tray and gently press dough with your finger.
  5. Bake at preheated oven at 170 degrees C for 13-15 mins depending on the size of your cookies.
  6. Remove from oven, leave to cool completely on  a wire rack and store in airtight container.
I'm submitting this post to Best Recipes for Everyone Jan and Feb 2015 Event Theme: My Homemade Cookies 
by Fion of XuanHom's Mom 
and co-host by Victoria Baking Into The Ether
I'm also linking this post to My Treasured Recipes #5 - Chinese New Year Goodies Jan/Feb 2015 hosted by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well In Flanders and co-hosted by Charmaine of Mimi Bakery House

This post is also linked to "Little Thumbs Up" February 2015 Event [Cocoa] organised by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids and Doreen of my little favourite DIY and hosted by Grace of Life can be Simple.

I am also submitting this to the "Cook & Celebrate: CNY 2015" event hosted by Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids, co-hosted by Yen of Eat Your Heart Out and Diana of The Domestic Goddess Wannabe.


Aunty Young(安迪漾) said...

Good morning Kim,
Wow! Nice!
Can I have some pretty and yummy chocolate marble German cookies for my tea break pls:)

Kimmy said...

Hi Aunty Young, sure you can have some. I strongly recommend readers to try these German cookies either plain, marbled or chocolate flavours. All are so good. If not for time constraint,I would make the other versions too. Some other times then, I'll make German cookies first.

Victoria Bakes said...

Wow.. marbled cookies.. these r really nice. Piece of art actually

Tks for linking this to best recipes Kimmy

Phong Hong said...

Kimmy, since you gave it such glowing reviews and your neighbour give thumbs up, then I must bake these cookies too hee..hee..

Amy Baking Diary said...

Hi Kimmy, I love to refer to your blog when come to CNY goodies. I have not started baking any for CNY. Last year i tried your kuih Bangkit. This year I'm going to try this recipe. They look good!

Luv Sweet and Savory said...

Kimmy, I like the last 2 pictures ... these Chocolate Marble German Cookies looked so 'graceful' on the red Ang Pao ^-^!

Zoe said...

Hi Kimmy,

I think you have to bake lots of these marble German cookies... These look super addictive and I'm sure they will be gone very quickly :D


Katie Foong said...

lovely, I will try with a cookie cutter. Thanks Kimmy

mui mui said...

Hi Kimmy,
These German marble cookies of yours looks awesome. Love the round round shape with marble effect.
I love to use Ann's recipe too.
Thanks for sharing this to LTU!

Sokehah Cheah said...

I too made these yesterday. Family members said 'Good'!

Kimmy said...

Hi Victoria, surprising easy to roll and shape. The wonderful part of this cookie is that it stays in shape after baking and yet crispy.

Kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, you must try it. Quite addictive especially those that I piped into flower shapes. Looks so delicate and melt-in the mouth too.

Kimmy said...

Hi Amy, do try baking these and I suggest you pipe them into rosette shapes. Really crispy and melt in the mouth.

Kimmy said...

Hi Karen, I was in a rush when taking these pictures cos' it was already evening time. Thanks, at least it is worth the trouble, hehehe!...But these cookies are worth making.

Kimmy said...

Hi Zoe, I was crazy making so much. It was a daring attempt and luckily all turned out good. My hubby finished eating the plain and chocolate ones. I kept these marbled ones for giveaways.

Kimmy said...

Hi Katie, I think you can use a cookie cutter cos' the dough is easy to roll.

Kimmy said...

Hi Mui Mui, I am glad that Ann has shared this lovely recipe with us. Looks simple yet elegant. Each piece is different in design.

Kimmy said...

Hi Soke Hah, I think your family members will love it more if these are piped into rosette shapes. BTW, you can make more rosette cookies with the same quantity of dough compared to the round shape.

Ann Low said...

Hi Kimmy, Your cookies look very pretty! This is also my family favourites :)

Fion@轩宏妈 said...

Pretty marble cookies,I never thought to make Bi-color,thanks for the reminder..
Thanks for sharing in Best Recipes :)

Kimmy said...

Hi Ann, I have to thank you for sharing this lovely recipe. I doubled the portion and was able to make 3 different coloured cookies out of this quantity and made hundreds of it. BTW, I simply combined both the dough, rolled it into ball and press with my palm. The shape looks good.

Kimmy said...

Hi Fion, this bi-colour, the plain white and cocoa ones are all lovely cos' they don't change shape after baking yet they are all very crispy, hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmy,

Can I use Hershey unsweetened cocoa powder?? Which did you use?


Kimmy said...

Hi Annoymous, yes you can. The cookies sweet enough for me. I use Van Houten cocoa powder.

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