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Friday, August 15, 2014

Five Spice Yam and Meat Rolls

Another meat rolls recipe different from my previous meat rolls.  

This one has yam in it with meat.  The original recipe adds chopped red chillies which I omitted.  I find it quite odd.  If you like yam, this is a meat roll that you may like to do.
Verdict - These rolls have the aroma of yam and 5 spice powder.  The rolls are tasty and juicy inside with a crispy skin.  This is a healthier version of meat rolls with yam/meat ratio of 1:1  instead of all meat with fats.
Recipe Source - Yum Yum Magazine No.69 [with slight modification]
[makes 20 rolls]
1 big piece bean curd sheet [cut into 20 small sheets]
Enough oil for frying
1 big onion -chopped
400 gm yam - shredded
400 gm minced meat or thinly sliced meat shreds
1-2 tsp 5 spice powder
1 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
2 tbsp light soy sauce [I used 2 tbsp liquid from red fermented beancurd]
1 tsp pepper
2 tsp sesame oil
5 tbsp corn flour
  1. Combine filling with seasoning and leave aside.
  2. Take a piece of bean curd sheet [spray sheet with little water if skin is dry].  Put some filling on top in the centre and roll up.
  3. Finish doing the rolls.
  4. Add enough oil to dry wok, place a few rolls at a time into the wok.  On the heat to medium to fry rolls until cooked or golden brown [this is the meat rolls will be cooked and the bean curd will not be too brown].
  5. Finish frying the rolls in batches like in step 4.
  6. Cut into pieces and serve with sliced cucumbers and chilli sauce.
How to Make the Yam/Meat Rolls
I'm submitting this post to Cook Your Books Event #15 hosted by
 Joyce of Kitchen Flavours
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Phong Hong said...

Kimmy, I love all kinds of meat rolls! This one is no exception. I love yam, so this one gets the thumbs up from me :)

Luv Sweet and Savory said...

Hi Kimmy, nice fragrant ngoh hiang (5 spice meat rolls).

Ann Low said...

Hi Kimmy, My hubby loves yam and I definitely want to make this for sure. Look so delicious.. :D

Kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, adding yam is a good option to using pork fat. Thanks for the thumbs up.

Kimmy said...

Hi Karen, see how lucky we are able to enjoy so many versions of meat rolls. You won't get tired of it.

Kimmy said...

Hi Ann, using local yam makes the rolls fragrant and soft. Do make them for your hubby.

Jeannie Tay said...

Hi Kimmy, I love all versions, as long as it's meat roll I am all for it lol! This one looks special with yam! Got to be yummy! Can't find good yam here though…most time those I bought are hard and not fluffy!

Kimmy said...

Hi Jeannie, Thai yam can be use but they aren't that fragrant as local yam.

kitchen flavours said...

Hi Kimmy,
Looks delicious! I have bought some fu-peh, but have yet to make any! Hopefully soon. I love meat rolls, any filling! Yums!
Thanks for sharing with CYB!

Kimmy said...

Hi Joyce, glad you do like meat rolls. There are various meat rolls with different combination of ingredients. I hope I can make them too.

Aunty Young(安迪漾) said...

Wah! you know how to make so many type of meat rolls,shall I call you "Meat Roll Specialist"? He.....he..... untunglah your family member as you can make for them various type of yummy meat rolls.

Kimmy said...

Hi Aunty Young, I love to try. There are really too many varieties that we can enjoy.

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