Thursday, September 9, 2021


This dish was prepared several days ago for ancestor veneration. It is good to add some meatless dishes for the such occasions where most dishes prepared are meaty dishes such as curry chicken, meat rolls, braised pork, chicken soup etc.  Though meatless, it can be appetising and yummy, too.  This dish tastes sweet and sour, while the cucumber slices are crunchy.  The pineapples when fried  tastes sweet adding natural sweetness to the dish, too.
I loved the taupau pieces which have soaked up sweet sour sauce, crunchy cucumber slices and sweet pineapples.  This dish is not savoury.
You can reduce this portion to half or a third if cooking for a few people.
1 packet frozen fresh beancurd skin [9-10 pieces] - thaw and fried until golden brown
2 medium size cucumber - quartered lengthwise/seeds removed/cut small pieces slantwise or short strips
1 small pineapple - cut flesh into strips
1 small red carrot - peeled, cut sections and strips
a handful of black fungus - soaked and break into small pieces
some toasted sesame seeds for garnishing
Seasoning [combined]
6 tbsp sugar
6 tbsp white vinegar
6 tbsp tomato sauce
270-300 ml water
  1. Prepare the ingredients as mentioned above.
  2. Cut fried beancurd skin into 4 or 6 pieces [depending on the size of each piece].
  3. Season cucumber with some salt, leave to rest for 10 minutes.  Squeezed out excess water, quickly rinse under running water in a colander. Set aside.
  4. Combine the seasoning ingredients in a bowl, gradually add in water.  Tastes to adjust seasoning.
  5. Heat some oil in a non stick wok, fry pineapples for awhile or until the juices are almost dried up before adding carrots.  Stir to mix, then add in black fungus. Stir for a while to mix well and allow ingredients to cook through. 
  6. Add in cucumber.  Continue to fry until ingredients are cooked through.  
  7. Lastly, add in fried beancurd skin.  Stir lightly to mix well or until all ingredients are well heated and cooked.
  8. Dish up into a big bowl.
  9. Using the same wok, pour in combined seasoning sauce.  Bring to boil until bubbly and sugar dissolves.  You can taste to adjust seasoning again according to own preference.
  10. Scoop sauce over fried ingredients.  Garnish with toasted sesame seeds.
  11. This dish can be served hot or cold with rice.

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