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Friday, May 27, 2016


Prepared this One Dish Meal, too eager to eat it and didn't bother much with taking more photos. As I like to savour it hot with the rice, I didn't dish up onto a serving plate for some photo shots. This can be served as a dish, not necessary as a One Dish Meal over a plate of rice.
It is homey, Mama flavour dish.
This is the kind of 'non-elaborate' meal which I cooked when my hubby isn't home or on busy days. 
The combination of ingredients can be according to own preference. It is the seasoning that is more important to the overall taste of this dish.

[serves 2]
150 gm lean pork - sliced
1 packet Ernygii mushrooms - cut wedges
several stalks of siew pak choy - halved
2 eggs
1 tbsp chopped ginger
some sliced chillies - optional
200 ml water
1 stalk spring onions - cut
2 tbsp each of light soy sauce and cooking wine
1 tbsp oyster sauce
dash of pepper and msg to taste
  1. Marinate sliced pork with 1 tbsp light soy sauce and 1/2 tbsp cornflour.  Set aside.
  2. Heat up 1-2 tbsp oil in non-stick wok, fry eggs [sunny up] until cooked and edges are crispy.  Dish up.
  3. Add in marinated pork, stir fry until 50% cooked.  dish up.
  4. Add in ginger and mushrooms, fry until aromatic and mushrooms are slightly brown.  Return meat and eggs to the wok, add seasoning and water.  Bring to boil.
  5. Top with vegetables, cover to cook for a minute.  Remove lid and cook till gravy is reduced.  Lastly add in spring onions.
  6. Dish up over a plate of rice.
  7. Serve hot with cut chillies.

1 comment:

Phong Hong said...

Kimmy, I also like this type of meal. It is considered as comfort food and nice to dish into a bowl and eat in front of the TV hah...hah...

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