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Friday, June 12, 2015


This is an easy fragrant stir fried streaky pork dish with an appetizing, savoury, sourish and sweet sauce. Served with lots of shredded sweet big white onions, this dish is perfect with steaming hot rice.
[serves 2-3]
300 gm streaky pork fillet – cut into 2 inch lengths
1 big onions – peeled and sliced
2-3 cloves garlic – peeled and sliced
1 red chilli – cut strips
Seasoning Sauce – mix together in a bowl
1 tbsp each of light soy sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar and chilli oil
½ tbsp sugar to taste
Some chopped spring onions
  1. Marinate streaky pork with some salt and pepper.
  2. Heat a non stick wok without oil, pan fry the streaky pork slices until cooked, golden brown and crispy. Dish out.
  3. Using the oil that oozes out from frying of the meat to sauté big onions, garlic and chilli until aromatic. Dish out onto serving platter. Top with fried meat fillet.
  4. Bring sauce to boil in the wok. Pour over meat and sprinkle spring onions.
  5. Serve immediately with rice.


Phong Hong said...

Kimmy, I know I will love this dish. Any kind of fried pork with sweet and sourish sauce will get my thumbs up!

Kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, this dish will look better if I had used black vinegar. But overall it is a tasty dish with the onions and sauce.

Madeline said...

Hi Kimmy. This dish looks delicious. May I know what is streaky pork fillet? Is it pork belly or shoulder? Thanks for sharing.

Kimmy said...

Hi Madeline, streaky pork fillet is the thinly sliced pork belly without the skin. It is available at the 'Non-halal' frozen meat section of most supermarkets but I can get this fresh from the wet market nearby my house. This kind of pork slices is also used as a steamboat ingredient.

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