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Monday, April 10, 2017


The past 2 weeks, there were so much of Nyonya dishes at home due to our families celebrating Chinese All Souls Day [Ching Ming].  As there were several cemeteries to go and quite a number of ancestors' graves to visit, we have to do it in a few days.  Each time, food offerings have to be prepared for the visits and also at our family home.  All in all there is a total of 13 graves and 2 in the columbarium to visit and you can imagine how much offerings that was prepared.

In between these days, easy simple cooking is best for cook.  This is one of the easy recipes which I tried.  Just 2 main ingredients and a simple seasoning sauce make a wonderful tasty dish.
The chicken is aromatic, tasty and flavour from the oyster sauce is perfect with the blanched broccoli florets.  Goes well with rice.

1 large deboned chicken whole leg - cut bite size pieces
1 tbsp each of chopped ginger and garlic
1 stalk spring onions - cut sections
1 small broccoli - cut florets 
2 tbsp each light soy sauce and oyster sauce
1 tbsp wine
1/4 tsp sugar to taste

  1. Pan fry chicken pieces [skin side first] in a non stick wok  with 1 tsp oil until brown and crispy.  Flip over to fry the meat side.  The oil from the chicken is enough to cook this dish.
  2. Push aside chicken, saute chopped garlic and ginger and some spring onion sections until aromatic.
  3. Mix the ingredients together, add in the seasoning sauce and some water.  Bring to boil and braise until chicken is cooked and sauce has thickened.  Stir in spring onions.
  4. Meanwhile, blanch broccoli florets in boiling water.  Dish up onto serving platter.
  5. Top with braised chicken pieces.


Phong Hong said...

Kimmy, that's simple and yet delicious. I like that you served the chicken with broccoli.

Kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, this oyster chicken itself is very tasty and delicious. I added broccoli because of its' goodness otherwise, it can be omitted.

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