Thursday, October 17, 2019


Awesome, delicious pumpkin curry that is so easy to prepare if ready blended curry mix.
I bought ready mixed fresh curry paste ingredients at the wet market.  Very cheap, only RM 1.20 enough to cook about 1 Kg pumpkin.  In Penang, this kind of curry paste is available.  Just need to ask for curry paste to cook mutton.
1 kg pumpkin - skinned and cut bite size pieces
Ready mixed curry paste
1-2 sprigs of curry leaves
1 yellow onion - peeled and sliced thinly
100 ml coconut milk
3 tbsp cooking oil
salt and sugar to taste
  1. Add oil to a non-stick pan, stir fry onions and curry leaves until aromatic.  Add in curry paste, continue to fry until oil separates and fragrant.
  2. Add in the pumpkin, continue to fry for 1-2 minutes.  Add in some water, enough to cover the pumpkin pieces.  Bring to boil and simmer until pumpkin is tender but not soft.
  3. Add in coconut milk and seasoning to taste.
  4. Dish up to serve with steaming hot rice. 

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