Thursday, March 15, 2018


A simple stir fry chicken with cabbage dish over plain white rice that is good enough for a simple meal at home.
There is only 2 main steps to cook this dish.  First, is to pan fry marinated boneless chicken pieces until slightly crispy and brown.  Second, is to fry the cabbage with the required seasoning.  Toss and mix both ingredients.  Dish up to serve with a plate of rice or serve separately.
Hmmm...., tasty, delicious, homey Chinese style chicken and vegetable dish.
1 deboned chicken whole leg [with skin] - cut big cubes
Marinade - some salt, 5 spice powder and pepper
150 gm cabbage - washed and break into small pieces
1 small stalk Chinese leek - sliced thinly
1 red chilli - seeded and chopped
1 tbsp fermented black beans - rinsed
1 tbsp dao ban jiang or chilli bean paste
1 tbsp each light soy sauce and cooking wine
1/4 tsp sugar or dash of msg [optional]
  1. Pan fry chicken pieces with  some oil in a non stick wok until brown.  Push aside or dish up.
  2. Using the same wok, fry cabbage leaves for a minute, add in fermented black beans and dao ban jiang.  Toss to mix well.  Add in seasoning and some water.
  3. Fry ingredients or until cabbage is cooked through but still crunchy.
  4. Add in leeks and red chilli.  Toss to combine ingredients together.
  5. Dish up to serve with rice.

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